Craving a Sweat Sesh!

When I found out I was pregnant back in March, I had been hitting the gym pretty hardcore. My doctor said it was fine to continue my routine, but I backed off on the intensity. I was, however, determined to keep my fitness regimen going for the entire 40 weeks.

On Facebook I follow many fitness accounts, so my head was filled with stories of the mom doing Cross Fit at 9 months pregnant and the trainer getting one last chance workout in on the morning of her scheduled C section. I’d be able to pull that off too, right?

Nope, reality struck this summer when my workouts began to dwindle to 3 then 2 then only 1 day a week. Then I started finding my workout DVDs (Piyo, Turbo Fire, 21 Day Fix, T25) getting to be a bit too much. And I had long since abandoned trips to the gym, feeling self conscious about my growing mid section and the opinions of strangers.

Now, at 37 weeks my fitness routine is non existent. I’m not wasting any time feeling guilty about it, as I’ve listened to my body throughout pregnancy and have done what feels best for me. Sorry 9 months prego Cross Fit mom- that just didn’t work out for me!

But… I’m absolutely 100% craving a hardcore, push-myself-to-my-limits workout. I keep daydreaming of doing tuck jumps, burpees and push-ups without a medicine ball sized belly in the way! I keep going back and forth in my mind of what my post pregnancy comeback workout routine will be. A round of 21 Day Fix or Piyo? A new lifting program at the gym? The new Insanity Max 30 that’s debuting in December? Decisions, decisions!

And then, of course, I’m sure all these lofty fitness goals will change when in 3 weeks our baby girl is born. I’m sure my daydreams will turn from intense workouts to grabbing a power nap or the laundry miraculously washing itself. We shall see!

How did you get back in shape after pregnancy?