Jamberry Nails Review- Worth it?

A few months back my friend started selling Jamberry nail wraps. My first thought was: Oh no, will this be another product I don’t need but feel obligated to buy to support a friend?

I. Was. Wrong.

A couple weeks ago I commented on one of her Jamberry related Facebook posts, and unwittingly became a contest winner. I had won a sheet of Valentine’s Day themed nail wraps.

This morning after feeding my daughter, I found that it was 6:00am and I really didn’t have much I felt like doing that early on a Saturday. So, I gave the nails a try. (When you become a mom you suddenly find yourself doing random things at odd hours.)

What did I think?

Jamberry nails kind of rock! They were easy to apply, they look pretty good for my first attempt, and my new manicure will allegedly last up to 2 weeks (I’ll let you know about that one!)


Some tips/tricks/general thoughts:

1- The wraps come in some really neat colors and patterns, though some are a bit obnoxious. I don’t imagine myself having Easter egg nails anytime soon!
2- While the brand name is cute, I kind of despise the term “Jamicure”. Ugh!
3- I previously tried the less expensive Sally Hansen nail wraps. The quality and ease of application definitely make Jamberry worth the extra money.
4- You don’t need to invest in the application kit or the mini heater that they sell. I used the space heater in my living room as my heat source and a Q-tip to press the wraps down instead of a cuticle stick. Work with what you’ve got!
5- It looks like one sheet is going to give me 2 manicures with a few wraps leftover. At $15 a sheet, that’s only $7.50 per manicure. But, the sheets are buy 3 get one free, so we’re talking at least 8 manicures for $45. I can live with that!
6- Some application tips: I placed the wraps on my nails cold and then heated them once they were on. This allowed me to easily move the wraps if they weren’t quite in the right position. I also used the Baggie trick I saw on a YouTube video. Once I had heated the wraps and pressed them down, I wrapped a plastic sandwich Baggie tightly around my nail and heated it again. This really sealed the wrap to my nail. I didn’t think it would, but the Baggie made a huge difference. Here’s the video explaining: (note- not my video, this is a Jamberry rep on YouTube) 

Bottom line? If these wraps look good for at least 10 days I’m definitely buying them. Jamberry nails are easy to use, look great, and are affordable. Oh, and don’t mind my super dry hands in the pics. I’ve been washing my hands too much with all these diaper changes 🙂

What do you think of my new look?