21 Day Fix Review- My Journey After Pregnancy

Boy was i naive about pregnancy! I was the woman who swore she was going to work out until she delivered. Around month 7, that mindset changed dramatically- I was suddenly a woman just trying not to fall asleep at work!

As soon as I gave birth (to the most amazing little girl!) I was eager to start exercising again. Surprisingly the 6 weeks of recovery went by quickly (time flies with an infant!) and when my doctor gave me the green light, I jumped back into fitness.

I decided to do 21 Day Fix from trainer Autumn Calabrese to get myself back into fitness. Most programs are 60-90 days long, and I liked the idea of the shorter length program. I knew I could hang for 21 days, so finishing a whole round wouldn’t be a problem. Another huge plus is that the workouts are only 30 minutes long. Surely I could find 30 minutes per day in between feeding, soothing, cuddling, changing, etc. etc. Right? (That part proved to be harder than I thought, but I did it!)

So here’s the lowdown on 21 Day Fix.

21 days.

7 workouts per week.

Amazing trainer, Autumn Calabrese.

Simple nutrition plan focused on portion size, not counting calories.

Here’s a summary of my thoughts:

The Good:

  • Variety!  I love that each day of the week brings something new!  7 workouts over the course of 7 days means that by the time a workout comes back around you’re not bored of it.
  • Weights!  I’ve finally discovered that weights are key to getting lean.  I definitely got into shape faster after baby by incorporating resistance training.  With 21 Day Fix, you’ll use weights 4 out of 7 days, so you’ll see results a lot quicker than just doing cardio!  (Note that you may use resistance bands instead of weights, if you prefer!)
  • Modifications!  Guess what?  Despite my love of fitness and my pre-pregnancy workout intensity, getting back into shape was NOT easy!  In fact, I was shocked my first day back to working out to find that there was plenty my body couldn’t do!!!  21 Day Fix includes a wonderful modifier named Kat.  And, unlike some other workout videos, Autumn really focuses on what Kat is doing for the modification, so you won’t feel lost.  Follow the modifier until you’re strong enough to do the full exercise!
  • Food!  The food plan for 21 Day Fix is super simple.  Eat clean in moderate portions.  There aren’t any fancy recipes you need to make in order to stick to the diet.  Just eat clean foods from Autumn’s approved list, use the containers to measure your portions and eat the correct number of containers per day.  No calorie counting required!

Now… The “Eh”…

I say “eh” because there was nothing “bad” about 21 Day Fix.  Just some personal preferences:

  • Yoga Fix and Pilates Fix… not my favorites of the workouts.  I get too bored too easily (which is why I’m now doing PiYo to cure that boredom!)  But, it’s only 21 days, which means each of these workouts only come up 3 times!
  • The name… a lot of people are misinterpreting the name of this program!  Women I work with think it’s a cure-all that strips your fat away in 21 days and afterwards your left to live a carefree life doing whatever you want!  In reality, it’s a nod towards the fact that it takes 21 days to form new habits.  The intensity of focusing on your workouts and nutrition for 21 days will help you make fitness and nutrition a habit.  After my 21 days, I continued with the nutrition aspect of the program and began T25.  As the months went on I didn’t feel I needed the containers anymore, as I was used to eating clean, well portioned food.  It’s not a diet or a quick fix… it’s a lifestyle and mindset change.

And now.. the part we’re all waiting for… the results!  What the heck happened to my body from doing the 21 Day Fix?

Well, I didn’t get the dramatic numbers you see on the infomercial.  Here’s what I got:

  • A 5 pound weight loss
  • A waist!!!  I started this program at 6 weeks postpartum and my body was straight up and down with no defined waistline.  I lost 4 inches in my waist and finally didn’t look boxy!
  • Energy and strength!  Pregnancy and childbirth take a lot out of you.  It’s a tough road back and by the end of the 21 days I wasn’t winded anymore.  I felt strong and able, when just 21 days earlier I had felt weak.
  • And… drumroll please… I PUT AWAY MY MATERNITY CLOTHES.  Yes, after the 21 Day Fix, I put on real pants with an actual zipper and button closure!  Granted, I wasn’t yet my pre-pregnancy size, but I no longer felt like a toddler with elastic waist pants 🙂

This wasn’t the end of my postpartum journey.  I continued on to Focus T25, Chalean Extreme and as of 3 weeks ago, PiYo.  (I’m a busy mom, so I’m just getting around to blogging about a journey that started in January, haha!)  What has your postpartum journey consisted of?

Feel free to comment below.  If you are interested in learning more about the 21 Day Fix, email me at fitnfabnj@yahoo.com  I’m here to help other moms get their bodies back!  Why not you?

The Oreo Incident


Let me just put it out there- I love fitness and healthy living. It has nothing to do with how I look, but everything to do with how I feel. When I’m eating healthy, I feel healthy and vice versa.

Now the flip side: I love desserts. Cookies, cakes, sweets of any kind. As a matter of fact, my two favorite hobbies are fitness and baking!

I’m a big believer in the 80/20 rule. (Or 75/25 or 90/10- whatever works for you.) By this I mean that I eat healthy the majority of time- about 80% of the time. But, I don’t deprive myself. I allow myself treats and indulgences, just not all day every day! Thus, the other 20%.

For some reason, when you maintain a healthy lifestyle, people automatically think you’re a weirdo about food. Just because I eat kale chips doesn’t mean I’ve never popped open a bag of Doritos and loved every second of it!

At work, my lunches are scrutinized on the regular. I tend to pack meals with mainly protein, veggies and fruit. My lunch pals often hit the cafeteria for nuggets and tater tots. I don’t mind their lunches at all (let’s be real here- tater tots are delish!), but the entire contents of my bag is often questioned or ribbed on.

Last week my lunch girls were eating Oreos and offered me one. I politely declined. Not because Oreos are the devil, but simply because I really wasn’t feeling an Oreo.

And… it became a THING. They begged me to eat an Oreo in front of them. I love my lunch crew, so I did. They were so excited to witness this historical event.


Now, for my big, dark secret. I eat Oreos. And chocolate chip cookies. In the past 2 weeks I’ve eaten more Girl Scout Cookies than I care to admit.

7 days a week I start my day with a nutrient dense breakfast- Shakeology. 5 days a week I pack nutritious lunches to get me through the workday without an afternoon crash. Sunday through Thursday nights I usually cook healthy dinners at home.

But the rest of the time I enjoy life (and food!) without regrets. If we’re out watching a game, I’ll have some wings. If we go out for a nice date night dinner, I enjoy a meal, not a salad. If it’s someone’s birthday, you better believe I’m not passing up the cake!

So don’t give your healthy friends a hard time. We love food too! It’s just that we’ve chosen a different way of enjoying it. No one is perfect, and every clean eater has a not-so-clean meal here and there. Love your friends, love their choices, and maybe ask to try one of their kale chips.

But hands off my Valentine’s chocolate. That’s all mine!

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