If Not Now, When?!?


This pic was posted on Facebook by one of my favorite free workout sites, The Daily HIIT (formerly Bodyrock). The message for me was twofold.

First, a lot of people are waiting for that magical “right” time to take control of their health. It has to start on a Monday, the 1st of a new month, or at the beginning of a new year. That shouldn’t be the case. Start NOW. Make a change today.

I’ve had a lot of inquiries lately about Beachbody workout programs that people want to start “after the holidays” or “for the new year”. If you know you want to change, why not do it now?

Health and fitness aren’t one size fits all, but there definitely is a fit for everyone. Find workouts you love on You Tube, start walking or jogging, join an online community for support, invest in an at home program or gym membership. Find what works for YOU! Not in January, but NOW!

The second meaning of this picture for me? My due date came and went two days ago, and no sign of baby girl yet! So yes, I’ve been asking myself (and her, and my husband, and my doctor) if not now, WHEN?!?! Lol.

Enjoy your Sunday! And if you do need some help getting started on a health and fitness journey, I’m here to help!

New Year’s Resolutions- a Do or a Don’t?


It’s December 31, 2013 and two very big things are happening on my Facebook feed.  The first, is that everyone is posting recaps of their year in slideshows, videos and sappy posts.

The second is that everyone is sharing their resolutions for 2014.  I’ll admit, I do enjoy reading about all the things my family and friends want to quit, change or discover this coming year.  So, should I be making resolutions too?

For me, the word “resolution” invokes the idea that I have been doing something bad or wrong, and am now resolving to fix my behavior.  I don’t think it’s meant to have a negative connotation, but for me it always has.  When I was younger I dabbled here and there in New Year’s resolutions, but they never seemed to last more than a few weeks.  (Examples- Giving up coffee… yeah, right.  Running every morning before work… um, I have to be there by 7:15am, what the heck time did I think I’d be waking up every day?!?)

Last year, after being inspired by one of my idols- fitness expert/life coach/amazing human being Chalene Johnson, I started making a New Year’s Goals List.  I sat down, contemplated where I stood in my personal, professional, financial and fitness lives, and made goals that I wanted to achieve in these areas.

Ok, wait… isn’t that the same as making resolutions?

To me, it isn’t.  My goals do not dwell on my failures or poor behaviors.  They focus on the great things I want to achieve, and give me a focus and a purpose.  The best thing about goals though, is that they can be revisited, reevaluated and adjusted over time.

This means that if something seemed super important to you in the New Year’s Eve glow, but later seems trivial after you’ve come back down to reality, you can scrap it or save it for later.  And if you hit a goal sooner than you thought, you can tweak it to make yourself achieve even greater things.  Your goals list might not look the same today and a year from now, but I’m sure in the year that passed you’ve achieved more than you ever thought possible.

So what’s in store for me in 2014?  Here is a sampling of my 10 Goals for 2014:

– Blog!

Yes, I want to write and create and reach out to others.  And this post is my first step towards that goal.

– Continue my gluten free journey.

I started cutting gluten in 2013, but found myself getting lax when I was on the go or busy.  So I’m ramping up my efforts in 2014 for my health’s sake.

– Run in at least two 5k races.

I took a couple years off from running (but not from fitness) and finally ran my first 5k in ages this past August.  This year I would like to increase that number!

– Expand my offerings on a popular teaching materials website.

I realized this past year what great homemade teaching resources I have, and decided to post a few for sale.  I’ve been surprised by the response, and want to expand my offerings on the website.

Ok, that’s just small sampling of all the things I plan to accomplish this year.  My goals will surely adjust and change as this thing called “life” happens around me, but for now I’m happy with my plans for the coming year.  And so, I think it’s time to say (just like most of my Facebook newsfeed at the moment)… bring it on, 2014!

Happy New Year to all!  Thank you for joining me on this blogging journey.  Please like my page at www.facebook.com/fitnfabnj to stay updated!